Thursday, November 17, 2011

Figured it was time for an update!

Our little Ian is a month old tomorrow! Where does time go? Although he's still rather newbornish, he's really starting to change. He's grown out of his newborn clothes (because he's so long!) his neck's getting stronger and his skinny little chicken legs are starting to fill out! He's been awake a lot more lately and although he's still waking up twice a night, he's at least starting to figure out that night time means sleeping time... A few nights ago he slept from midnight til 5: That was a treat!

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks

Check out the skin colour difference between these boys. Jaundice city! It's pretty much gone now, but it took a good 3 weeks.

Huisman hike w/ Ed and Lori and fam

Checking out the Baltimore Oriele nest

All the Huisman girl grandkids

Snug as a bug

With big sis


Huisman hoagie!

M' boys

Can you tell who's actually sleeping?

These kids LOVE their baby bro

(the oldest kid does too, she just didn't make it into a lot of pictures lately) :0)

Chel came for a visit last weekend! What an awesome time I had with my college roomie! The kids absolutely loved her. She was so helpful with the kids: playing with them, babysitting them, burping them (ok, that one applies to just Ian) Thanks Chel Chel for a great weekend!!!
Thanks J and Rick for wanting to go on a road trip to TO and bringing her. I'll talk to the government about those confusing Canadian road signs for ya.

Building with Aunt Cheli

Puzzling with Aunt Cheli

Crystal came on Saturday too! SO much fun to spend time with my great gradeschool friend.
We had some good giggles. :)

A fairly typical look for Ian

So sleepy!


Anonymous said...

love all the pictures.I am so looking forward to next weekend when we come for the baptism...Ian looks great! gma

Christel said...

Great blog update, Andrea! Everyone is looking so big!

Anonymous said...

A fun read again and great to see the pictures!
Love, Julie