Friday, March 30, 2007

A real entrance!



after(beds still need lotsa work of course, so not reaaaallly done)

WOW. What a difference some interlock and a wall can make!!!! We've been talking about fixing it up ever since we moved in, our front entrance was pretty bad. So, we just decided to do it. And we're loooooving it! Easier for visitors to walk up our front path (no more walking sideways or tripping through the jungle!)
Done by Rock Crest Landscaping (Derek used to work for Dave Kloet) and Derek's fine assistance! Supervising done by Geneva Michelle. She spent pretty much all day Tuesday watching intently through the front window and calling "Hi Mr. Dave" "Whatcha doing Daddy?" "Me come out?"
They'll be a few little beds on the same level as the pathway and a pebble-type bed in front of the big window.

Monday, March 26, 2007

spring video

NICE weather

I LOVE it. I looooove spring! I realllly hope we don't get anymore snow! We've been outside lots. Lots of laundry of course from all the mud, but totally worth it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


While in Midland we went to Dow Gardens for the butterfly exhibit on St. Patty's day (wear green, get in for a buck!) Geneva was actually scared of the butterflies. (of all things to be afraid of...) but Brooke seemed to enjoy the flowers and bright colours. It was nice to pretend like it was summer (it was over 80 degrees in the greenhouse!)


I braved the trip without Derek! I spent almost a whole week at home with the parents and bros. Geneva had the time of her life and Brooke seemed to love the extra attention as well! My proud moment -finishing 16 scrapbook pages! definitely a record.

Geneva sledding with Grandpa and Uncle Dave on the back hill on a tiny strip of ice.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Can you tell they're sisters?

Same basket, same family. Can you see the resemblance?
We didn't used to think the girls looked that much alike, but in going back through some baby pics of Geneva, we're sort of changing our minds.
But only sorta. (Just in case you're curious, Geneva's about 6 months on the basket pics, Brooke is almost 9 m.)

Almost sitting

Brooke is (finally) learning to sit up on her own! Well, ok, we wouldn't actually leave her sitting alone quite yet, but she's getting there.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Opa and Nana's visit

2 weekends ago we had Grandma and Gramdpa over, now it was Opa and Nana's turn!!! Opa really wanted to go watch some of the Brier cup curling in Hamilton and of course Opa and Nana wanted to see the grandbabies too... so they headed up here on Thursday and stayed til this afternoon. Geneva adores Opa and Nana and could hardly bear to let them out of her sight all weekend! The guys went to watch curling on Friday while the girls went shopping and today we went out for lunch at the Dutch Mill (Daddy missed out on that one, he's working...) It was a great visit (and I always enjoy having extra hands to help out with the girls!)