Friday, March 19, 2010


At Zehnder's Splash Village in Frankenmuth. Our first time in the lovely Bavarian village. :0)
We left Micah with Gma and Gpa for the day/evening/next day and it was quite lovely! Fun to bond with the girls and just chill and have all sorts of fun.
Tube slide! I was actually a little scared at first. G and B were pretty brave girlies.

In the kiddie pool. Brooke wasn't looking at the camera, so Geneva thought she'd help.
Were excited to snuggle in the same bed! Funny kids.

This was in Bronner's. (A huge-everything-Christmas-type place for those of you who have never driven on a certain stretch of hiway 75 that has huge ads for it every few minutes) I'd never been. It was way huger than I expected! Not exactly my type-of-fun really, I don't go overboard with decorating... but the girls were awed by all the big nativity scenes and Santas.

Just so you can see the sweet splash-place...


Dow Gardens in Midland has an annual butterfly exhibit. We happen to be here pretty much every year at the right time! A neat tradition. FYI, these are the gardens where Derek and I got our wedding pics done, for you lovely bridesmaid-viewers with fond memories of jumping across creeks and such with flowy dresses on.

The prettiest kind there, in my humble opinion. This side is blue, and the other side.... not! Doesn't look like the same flutter-bye, does it? (Blue Morpho)
p.s.No one trusted Micah to get too close... I do believe I was holding his hands back in this shot.

Geneva had a little friend that stuck with her for a while, then came back!

Brian refused to take another shot, saying this one is more natural and realistic. hehe.

Teacher-Aunt Christel. :)

Eli got pretty brave. I didn't include the next shot which was him pouting. :) hehe, what a sweetie.

And the hand-off...
(Pics by Funcle Brian.)