Wednesday, September 30, 2009

knock knock and a pulled out tooth

It's about time I updated!

Happy to be able to move.
My big bro Dave has inspired me to update the blog. Sorry, it's been a while! We're alive and well. Geneva is loving school (of course!) and Brooke is enjoying some mommy-and-me time. Micah is busy pulling things off of shelves and getting stuck under things like tables, chairs, exersaucers... I've been keeping busy... doing... well, raising 3 kids I suppose! I go back to work in November, so I'm going to enjoy my last month of "free time" :0) I'm teaching my homeschool group again which I'm loving, and am still enjoying being home! Derek is currently in his shed, oh I mean BARN working on some sort of wood project. He's very pleased cuz his dad hooked him up with power and lights in there, and I just don't seem to see him as much in the evenings anymore!

Let's see... what else can I tell ya. We're eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new cousin for the kids in a few weeks, excited to see all the Huismans again at Thanksgiving, and enjoying the smell of fall in the air (and only slightly missing summer already) Enjoy the pics!

Lotsa love, ~An

At the Ancaster Fair. Ran into the Ennemas, the Hiekamps and Marian Shoeman. Fun times in the GTA. One of Brooke's only times holding an animal without getting squeemish.

Lovin' on the bunnies

I want to eat your sunglasses Mom

Thrill ride

Back at home.

Sensing a Harley in his future.

Loves anything that moves and breathes. In case you can't see it, this is a frog, by the way. She let him go though. She's getting better at that.

Hmm.. on second thought, maybe we don't want to spend 200,000 and we'll let him go to Mac instead. Derek's already asked if I'll let him play football. NOOOOO. :0)

At least Micah's eyes are open.

Geneva's first day of SK at the beg of Sept. Sorry, pictures are out of order.

These were taken last month, but I thought I'd just give you a clue how this little dude is getting around.

Bye for now!

Monday, September 07, 2009

The boy moves! Oh, some cottage pics first. Still working out how to cut and paste and move and such with the new laptop... Faster loading pics tho!

Cottage Weekend Away
with our small groupies!
(a short taste of freedom from children!)

There really was only 1 baby on the trip, it just looks like 2 since there was a baby-switchover!
We hardly noticed Nathan was there, he was such a good boy!

Well, I guess it's not officially "crawling" but this boy is moving! Micah's excited that his cousin Eli is crawling now too! What big boys! Micah can't wait to have a race around the house.

p.s. Please ignore the bigfoot at the end of the video. :0)