Monday, May 21, 2007

These are the other nephews...

These are some pics from Derek's birthday back in April which I never got around to posting. Soooooo, here are some pics of Geneva's other cousins, Travis and Kyle. We hiked with Rudy and Tina, Opa, and Aunt Ann (Nana stayed back to take some CUTE pics of Brookie, it was too cold for babies) It was the BBQ part that didn't happen. We ate chili and soup instead. Comfort food. We're always soooooooooo thankful when people drive out here to come see us. We love having company. :)

Kyle's learning to play guitar. He played Happy B-day for Derek. SOO cute!

Travis and Geneva watching a movie. These 2 could easily pass for brother and sister, I always say.

Ed and Lori's visit

Well, we remembered to bring a camera for this hike! We've hiked the trails with many a group of visitors, but not everyone is so priviledged to get their faces posted up on our blog! Derek's brother Ed and sister in law Lori and thier kids Justin, Riley, and Abigail get that priviledge. :)
They came up for the day on Sunday and we had a great day. The weather cleared up nicely enough for a bbq and hike. LOTS of food was enjoyed by all and lots of fun time spent with the cousins too. Geneva adores her cousin Abigail. Hanging out with family does always make us think... "hmm, it would be nic to live closer to everyone..."

Saturday, May 12, 2007

"Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure..." (Can anyone in the Mulder family quote the source of this title?)

Busy Momma of... (5?)

Well, I've got some extra kiddies around a few days a week. This is Kaelyn and Rueben, our good friends Rob and Kim's sweethearts. Geneva thinks it is soooo cool that they get to come and spend the day with us. She loooves baby "Yooben" and thinks it is so neat that he can move around by himself! (no crawling for Brooke still, although she's getting rather good at rolling along on the floor to get around)
SO, I have them about 2 days a week, and another little guy 3 days, and another 2 kids just every once in a while.
PLUS, (loooong story, but) I just accepted the ministry co-ordinator position at our church (about 15 hours a week) Not really my intention at first, but God has really been workin' on me and I felt like I really needed to take the job. I'm really excited for what's in store, although it may take me a while to get used to the busy-ness of everything!

Poor Rueben in a bit of a chokehold...

Drinking buddies

Over a year apart, and about the same height...Geneva's a smidge (ok, a lot) heavier than Kaelyn.... she's just a peanut.