Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby Huisman

Ultrasound #1 at 20 weeks
Baby was kicking around like a mad-baby!
I got scheduled for another one since a few things/measurements weren't clear.

Ultrasound #2 at 22 weeks
Baby hardly moved at all and had his/her back to us the whole time! Stinker!
Kind of a creepy picture in my books, but thought I'd share anyway.

Only 18 weeks to go to meet the little rascal in person.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Rainy Day Fun

This past week has been a bit rough. Derek was working/camping in the rain basically from Weds-Sunday night, and it rained pretty much every day.
Today (Mon) was glorious and we celebrated by being outside lots. Just to reminisce, Here are some wonderful memories from the past few "rainy-indoor-keep-the-girls-busy-before-they-kill-eachother-or-drive-their-mother-insane"
type of days.

Drawing on the big mirror. Kept them entertained for a good hour! They're special window-writer markers. BUT, I've been extra careful to watch Brookie when she has a marker in her hand as of late. No wall-drawing-upon incidents yet!!!

A BIG butterfly! Fun with mirror, camera, and markers. Notice all the lovely smudgy handprints. :)

Even Daddy got in on the fun when he came home. (he's going to LOVE me for posting this. haha) Geneva has been talking about this ALL week. "'Member when Daddy had piggy tails and funny teeth?"

Face paint butterflies. NO, I did not paint on Brookie's injuries. A serious face-plant last Monday evening after leaving the splash pad in Sarnia left these lovely marks. I'll try to remember to post a pic tomorrow to show how amazingly quick she's healed up. It's a good thing that God makes 2 year olds pretty durable!!!

Feel free to mock my artistic ability. Kids don't know the difference!

Just a sampling as to how much rain we actually got....

Dance party!!!

Dude. Sweet hairdo.

Tantes from Holland

Derek's Tante Thea and Tante Dicky (Derek's mom's sisters) came to visit Canada for 2 weeks and stayed at Dad and Rita's. Derek's mom was an identical twin, so it was neat for me to meet Tante Thea for the first time. The language barrier was a little interesting, but Dicky speaks decent English, and Rita was a great translator!

Swimming with the Tantes. (That means aunts, by the way, in case you're not Dutch)

If only I could count how many times G and B helped husk corn this summer... MMMMM!

Can you guess what it is? It's a frog. Geneva draws people with no bodies or fingers/toes, but frogs: in full detail. How cool is that.

With cousin Abigail.

On Friday the whole crew came up to see our place for a quick visit on their way to Niagara Falls.