Friday, December 31, 2010

at Opa and Nana's

After a few days in Midland, we headed back to the homeland for Christmas with the Huismans!
Highlights include: Yummy food, Rubikub, a flag raising ceremony, more yummy food, gifts, visiting family and friends, even MORE food, playing in the TONS of snow, Geneva getting to sleep over at her "only girl cousins" house (aka, Abigail!), and lots and lots of fun!

Lighting hat!

Twin presentage

The spectators

A little scared of his new car which drives by itself...

Joel and Lisa's new baby girl, Taylor. So sweet! I just had to have a few snuggles.

One of Brookie's pals @ Ed and Lori's. Oscar is massive!

Not much left of Opa's flag. We thought he needed a new one (badly!)

A group effort to get the new flag up.

It's up! O CANADA!

at Grandma and Grandpas

With Gma and Gpa

The name "Bobby" was said numerous, numerous times...

Celebrating Jesus' birthday!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! All ready for Christmas Eve Candlelight service at church.

In BIG need of a haircut!

Uncle Bri cut it right after Micah woke up, so he was DOZEY which made him sit really still! Worked well. Thanks Bri!!

Finished product. So handsome!

Skating in the backyard.

The girls are getting to be pretty good skaters, but this was pretty fun too!

UNFORTUNATELY, no pics of sledding, curling on Dave and Christel's pool, ping ponging, playing hide the baby Jesus, Settler-ing, Dutch Blitzing, and many other festivities!!!
What a great few days we had!!
We didn't even get any cousin pictures!!! Sigh, next year.
Love you all!
Pics of Wyoming-Huisman-fun to come. I'm done blogging for now, the kids are getting antsy!

Niagara Falls

Last week we took advantage of the fact that Brookie was gone (to Grandma and Grandpas for teh week) and went to check out the lights at Niagara Falls. It's less than an hour away, so not too bad, and we knew that we'd have no one complaining about a long walk in the cold weather. We took our big girl and our little boy out for dinner and then checked out the cool lights and the amazing falls!

We had the falls pretty much to ourselves!

Micah traveled in style.


My favourite light display next to some of my favourite people.

Grade 1 Class Trip

G chillin' at Springridge farm

All the Grade 1s.

Making gingerbread boys and girls.

Even I made it on a picture.

Derek showed up during his work day since the jail is only 10 minutes away from the farm. Geneva was pleasantly surprised! "What are you doing here?!"
A very fun afternoon!

December 2010 entry 1

Our kiddos

Tree full of homemade and random ornaments!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shine Your Little Light

She only seems just a BIT distracted...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

bunk beds!

p.s. derek's first blogging experience: nice work D! :)

More space to play

Opa and Nana came over this past weekend to suprise the girls with their new bunk bed. This bed is NOT store bought. Opa built and painted the whole bed in his shed at home, took it apart and we put it up here in no time. The girls just LOVE it. THANKS again dad.

The girls plus Micah enjoying their new bunk bed with opa.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

entry 3/3

OK, so I'm staying up later than I wanted to and finishing my blogging. Here's some last pics...

My baby is turning 2 tomorrow! AAAHH! What happened? :)

Me and my little man.

Showing off his new train jammies from Aunt Ann. He LOVES them.

Too bad his belly makes him look like the tank, not Thomas.

Beauties and the Beast

The Beast, revealed.

The beast attacks!

K, so I always hate listening to myself talk on videos, but here's one anyway. :)

SOOOOO glad MOvember is over. But, pretty neat that he helped play a small part in helping to raise awareness, oh, and MILLIONS of dollars for prostate cancer research. Saw a neat clip on CBC and it makes me realize that I put up with ICK for a month for a good cause. I love my Derek, but love him more without a fuzzy caterpillar on his face. :) I'll post a much more handsome "after" picture later.

post 2/3

We then got to celebrate M's birthday with the Huisman clan! Tons of fun! :) Thanks Rita for hosting the par-tay!
Total amazement on his face... even though it was the 2nd round! This time, he knew exactly how to blow them out!

My new camera is great. I took this from across the room. I've never been able to zoom AT ALL, so this is verrry exciting for me. :)

Hudson (I think?) Maybe Logan tries to pin the fly on the frog.

G figures out who the winner was. The older kids figured out how to feel for the froggy's mouth.... Ah, the downfalls of handmade products. :)

silly Travis...

estados unidos

Blog entry 1/3 or so... I have a bunch more pics to put up, but don't have time/energy tonight... Maybe tomorrow? We headed down to Midland for American Thanksgiving this past weekend. What a wonnnnderful weekend! I loooooove my family.
Here's a few pics compliments of our new camera via a great black friday sale! The old one just wasn't cutting it. 3 mpixels was top of the line back in the day... haha.
p.s. I'm not used to working with 12 mpixels... any advice anyone on how to upload big files without individually having to resize them all? I didn't resize these and they took for-ev-er to load up...

The wait was worth it though! How can you not just love this little face.
Meet Jayber! The new grandpuppy. This dog is SOOOOO cute! The girls fell head over heels in love.
The Mulder/Huisman clan!

The cupcake art...

The cupcake artists. Thanks Bert.

My baby is 2 tomorrow! We celebrated with my side of the family on Saturday. Gotta love the boy's face as we sing...