Sunday, March 27, 2011


Time for my monthly update! I'm writing this while feeling quite crummy... bad cold, sore throat, very tired. But it was a beautiful day today and the sunshine made things a bit more bearable. The kids played outside for a few hours, and after an afternoon snooze I was feeling much more.... human. :)

Anyway, here's some pics. There's actually a few of me this time!

Buzz chowin' down some goldfish.

Isn't this the greatest costume? My friend Karen came over with her kids and brought it along, Micah loved it!

One of the birthday boys! It was hard to get a shot with both of them... Too much fun stuff to do at the Y! These special twins are 3 already!

G and her cuz Abigail. She stayed with us for March break during Sports Camp week. These 2 were quite the cheerleaders! SOOO much fun. The girls absolutely adore their big cousin. They mentioned quite a few times that week that Abigail is special because she's "their ONLY girl cousin!"

The Huisman girls

The whole camp!

How I spent some of my March Break...

And some more of the week... It was sometimes really tough teaching 5-7 yr olds basketball skills. Like how to PASS the ball. Oh ya, and how to not travel. We had one adorable little guy who would literally push his 'defender' out of the way when he had the ball and say "give me space!" sigh

Playing rock star.... not sure where this idea came from...

Was anyone else perterbed with the amount of snow we got at the end of March!?! Ok, it was pretty, but really... it's spring!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


My little cheezer.
Here are a few pics from a day in the life of Micah and Brooke at home...

Making a fort

Getting wrapped up "like babies" (They actually couldn't move for a few seconds, kind of nice!)

Playing in the new dryer box fort (which mommy squashed 2 days later due to WAY too much craziness/arguing! I'm such a kill-joy, hey?)

Checkin' out the new dryer! Watching clothes spin is very mesmerizing. :)

At the Dino Exhibit in Midland with cousin Eli.

Micah getting eaten

G: "Hey, my mouth is almost the same size..."

Gotta love Brooke's style of paleontology...

Our 2nd annual trip to Zehnders in Frankenmuth! Fun times!

The smiles did not leave their faces alllll day.

The weekend before our Zehnders/Midland trip, we hung out with the Huisman side of the fam. (Family Day wkend) The kids went out with D and Opa to build a snowman, but they decided a homemade toboggan hill would be much more fun.

Skating on the HUGE rink at Rudy and Tina's.

The newly teenaged b-day boy (and cuzs)
Where's Oma? On my Grandma's 92nd birthday we all got together in Woodstock. Just a few people missing. Quite a legacy, huh? FUN times with the relatives!