Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just had to share this

While I was making dinner tonight, Geneva gave this to Brooke. Gva's first letter done all by herself. Rather cute, I'd say. I'll have to post some of Brookie's "artwork" sometime too. So far, Brooke can write the letter O. Really well. We're working on the letter B. :0)

some assorted pics

Hey! Long time no blog. Here are some pics from November thus far. Things are good here: I'm back at work this week. Which I'm excited about... and I'll admit, slightly annoyed about: due to the fact that somehow an entire year has gone by. SIGH. Anyway, pray for my sanity as this begins! And that God would use me however he sees fit. :0)

These 2 pics sum up what Micah's been playing with these days.. Little People apparantly taste really good.

Isn't my hubby just so creative? :)

A chilly day

Taken by our 5 year old resident photographer

Playing tigers in the zoo