Thursday, August 20, 2009

This mega update should make up for my severe lack of blogging this past month... right?

Geneva turns 5! Craziness.

It wasn't a "princess party" or anything. I don't really do "themed" parties. But they found the dress up clothes, and the craft I had picked for them just happened to be a crown... so princesses they all became. Brooke was so proud to be "imbited to G-va's party"

Big 5 year old!

This dude is getting closer to crawling. Ok, it doesn't really look like it in this shot, but it's true!

Camping with our good friends Rob and Kim @ the beg of August. Good thing: site right by the beach! Bad thing: no running water! We managed quite well with 8 kids! :0) They played so nice together and it made for more relaxing days than when we went camping with just us, actually.

Good buds diggin' together.

"Hey Justin, how's it going buddy? What do you think of this whole camping thing? Eat anything good off the sand lately?" (ewwwwwwwww to what Justin put into his poor little mouth.....)

Loungin' and swimmin.' What could be better, really?

The daddies (and some of the kids.)

What a good babysitter!
Thanks Rob and Kim for a WONNNNNNNNNNNDERFUL time!
That lightning storm was SWEET! Even sweeter that we didn't float away in our tent! Hooray for tarps.

In other summer news, I just got home today from a WONDERFUL long visit to Grandma and Grandpa's! Beautiful weather, and nice hot days to enjoy D and C's pool! Derek stayed home to camp with the YPs (and work, poor soul) while we got to play in the U.S. of A.

Getting purty brave in her mature 5 years...

This next sequence is for my littlest brother.

Such talent.

The siblings bathe their boys.

Bath time for Eli and Mikers! Note the lovely pink toys Geneva picked out for the boys.

The chicken leg was the best bath toy by far. Caused a few brawls until I found another drumstick. I think maybe we need to invest in some bath toys for at Grandma's place! :0)

Race time!

Gotta love the way Brooklet runs.

Loves basketball already!

Brooke prefers dryer activities, like hanging out with her soon-to-be-revealed cousin. And Aunt.

Mikers has caught up to, and surpassed Eli. In foot size at least. Oh, and hand size. But I think that was at 4 months already. Have I mentioned that our boy has BIG HANDS. It was SOOO neat to see these two cute boys together.

I think this was when they were both trying to get the duckie. Hilarious.