Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So, apparently, I've had lots of time on my hands today. I've done quite a bit though, other than blog. :) I was a mom all day of course, but I also planted pansies in the front yard, helped Derek pick out new plants for our side walkway, visited my friend Julie, went to the park, srubbed the kitchen from top to bottom, does anyone actually care about anything else so why don't I just stop RIGHT here.... Anyway, here are the last of the pictures for a while. :) I think I've blogged enough for at least a few weeks. By the way, the last picture is just to show you that Brookie now has 4 teeth, with 2 more on the way! Big ol' chompers. They make her look so different.

Geneva's photojournal

So, there I was, sitting in the van, when my Mom hands me the camera. And I think SWEET! Let's take some pictures of the journey. First of all, these pictures don't really capture now LOOONG the trip to Grandma and Grandpa's is. It took us WAAAAY too long to get there. I did pretty good though. It helped that we stopped lots so I could run around. The carseat gets pretty stuffy, ya know. We stopped at Opa and Nana's house for a quick visit on the way, and stopped off verrry quickly to see baby Kaelynn (Brent and Erin's new adorable baby). I reallllly wanted to stop in and see my cousins and my Uncle Ed and Aunt Lori, but Mom said we had NOOOO time left since Mom and Dad had their small group friends from church meeting at our house. There's never enough time in the day to see all the people we want to see I tell ya!
Anyway, here are a couple of the pictures I took. I have to admit, these are the best ones. There were a WHOLE lot of pictures of my legs and the back of Dad's seat.
I'll get better with experience I suppose.
Love you all! from, Geneva Michelle

Spring and other goodness

Ok, so it's been a while since I've put up pics, I figured it was about time.
Sorry about the repeats for those of you who have facebook, (which by the way is a bit of a distraction from my blog!)

Things here at home are great. We are happy and healthy!
Just colds, of course. Colds are members of our family. The girls spend more time with colds than they do with Derek some weeks.

Geneva DID spend a few hours in Emerg a few weeks ago with some breathing difficulties... very scary for us. She woke up wheezing and choking, crying and pretty much gasping for breath... She had calmed down a lot once they gave her some oxygen and ventalin (sp?) and they diagnosed her as having croup. (sp?) Which i might have known, if she actually would have been coughing. Which she didn't do until we got to the hospital. I look back on it now and think, oh my, we shouldn't have wasted all that time waiting around at the hospital to be told there was nothing we could do.... BUT when your chid wakes up at midnight and is struggling to breathe, you kinda freak out a bit. It was the scariest thing I've ever experienced to be quite honest.

She was such a good girl about everything though. We got back home around 2:30 am and she was awake and saying "morning time Mommy?" at, oh about 6:30. NO WAY. She did go back to sleep til around 9 though, which was a treat. Even though Brooke was up at 7.

We are sooo thankful that nothing else scary has happened to our children. God has blessed us with such happy and healthy babies. We couldn't be more grateful!!!!

Anyway, aside from that innnnteresting night, things have been pretty normal around here. Derek's been doing lotsa work outside on the yard. I'll put s'more pics up of the final product in a while.

I'm going back to "work" in that I'm starting babysitting again. Next week I have our friend's kids Rueben and Kaelyn three days a week, and in a few weeks I'll have a little guy named Aidan three days a week as well. But I'll pretty much have the summer off, which is verrry nice to know!

Well, I hear Brooke awake upstairs, so I should go get her. Then I need to get OUTSIDE and enjoy more of this beeeeeeeautiful weather we've been given!!!!!!!!!

More to come....

Monday, April 09, 2007

Dancing Queen

Geneva claims it was Uncle Brian who taught her how to dance.

I'm a screamer now

Brooke's been getting pretty loud lately. Also reeeeeally into the arm flapping...