Thursday, October 18, 2007


Geneva is trying to teach Brookie how to read these days. Brookie has actually been sitting still long enough to look at books recently, so that's fun.

I think Geneva's going to love school next fall, she's so eager to learn and loves to look and listen to books, stories, and songs. She loves to colour and wants to learn how to write her name.

Some of the letters are the right idea. She's getting good at Gs. She says the middle thing is a moon. "I know how draw moons now!" I think it started off as an e. :)

Then she added a sun too. She said "Grandma (will) say 'WOW! Look at that sun and moon!"

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Some pics... all clumped together in one entry.

I think I'm going to cave in and get the girls professionally photographed. WAY too hard for this momma to get a cute shot of both of them. Here's what I came up with in this photo shoot.

MOMMY!!! Brookie's biting me!

Opa and Nana came up a few weeks ago for a visit. We went to Hanes' Corn Maze. We were in that sucker for almost 2 hours. But we were persistent and got every single clue! Very fun. The girls didn't get a ton out of it, but they were rather patient with the whole thing.

Nice face G

Hope Homecoming weekend! I left the girls at my Mom's on Saturday and drove up to Grand Rapids to see Kirra Ann, my friend Megs and Al's new arrival! What a dolly. It was sooooo nice to see Megs and Al, Sar and Matt and hang out and act weird and have things feel pretty much just the way they were 5 years ago! It was totally and completely worth the total 9 hours of driving. I actually enjoyed the drive. Spent some quality time with God and got to crank my new Caedmans' Call and Shane and Shane cds. I think I over-listened to the same music a bit though... I'll retire them for a while.

Missing you Cheli!

Kirra sweetie-Ann

Yes, I do know how to hold a baby. I had just been staring at her intentely and had to turn her around for a quick pic. I didn't really want to hand her back to her momma. She's rather full of cuteness.


Thanksgiving parade yesterday.

Checking out Nana's pretty display.

MMMMM. Fake gourds. Tasty.

Let's see now, I'll put this one here, and this one there....

I guess you can have one too, Brookie