Monday, July 30, 2007


Geneva helping Brooke eat her Cheerios.

One for me, one for you!
Abigail shared her party with her girly cousins (G and B!) who all happen to have summer birthdays within a few weeks of eachother.

Happy Birthday Geneva, Abigail and Brooke (who was sleeping soundly during the photo ops) :)

What pretty princesses.

Pretending to blow out candles

These kids loooooove the water

You help me please Opa?

Geneva looks sooooo white next to all these tanned up Huismans.

Half of my sister-in-laws (I have four altogether now!)

Lets' see, was this when they were untangling the balloons or trying to get the umbrella to stay still using twine...

OH Riley...

It looks like you have antenna Brookie!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Not quite ready for walking

Although Brooke's getting a little more sturdy on her feet, these pics show that she's not quite walker material. Yet. We'll keep practicing.

Also, I just had to get a pic of these curls. Who needs the weatherman to tell you the humidity level outside, just look at Brookie's hair. The more humid the weather, the tighter the curls.


Brookie, the dancing queen, dancin it up to a Barney song. (ew, i really dislike Barney...) But the girl with the dance moves it purty cute.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Cottage!!!

The Huisman family's first official cottage experience was AMAZING. We had SUCH a great time with the Mulder/Nugteren clan. We had up to 15 people at the cottage (Higgins' Lake in Michigan) for a few days/nights until people gradually left us for home! My Uncle Larry and Aunt Irene and their kids Lucas, Michelle, and Carley came up from Woodstock with their boat, so we got the full menu of water sports! -kneeboarding, waterskiing, tubing, windsurfing (some of us more natural at this than others), paddleboating, swimming, etc, etc. I'm very proud to say I was brave enough to get up on skiis for the first time when the water was RATHER choppy. But I did it!
The girls LOVED the water and by the end of the weekend/week, Geneva was bold enough to jump off the dock to D or I, and to "swim" by herself (with the help of a lifejacket.)
G with Bri, Christel and Dave

Geneva chillin' with Funcle Brian

There was a bit of a dock mishap which involved, oh about 6 or so people falling into the water... Some friends of my parents have a cottage across the lake and my family went to greet them at the dock, and whoops, there went the dock. Everyone went in... I'm sort of sad I missed out on the big event, it was before we got there. No injuries to report, other than a broken dock which my dad handily repaired. (don't worry, we let the cottage owners know!) :)

"Bobby" and "B-ba"

What a good dog. She was petrified of all the fireworks though from the numerous cottagers celebrating the 4th of July via slightly obnoxious fireworks every night. One night they were still going off at midnight!

Geneva's first (very cautious) walk on the dock.

Yay! We're at the cottage! And we've already taken 32 pictures within our first hour of being here!

just recording nature at it's finest.

The well used swingset. Geneva and Brooke probably logged at least 3 hours of flight time.

Brooke drove about a mile or so on her new wheels. :)
It has sound effects and she gets mad if we turn them off.

Our girls swinging with my youngest cousins, Michelle and Carley.

Posing (with some rather large sandals in the background...)

A very dark picture, but you can almost see Rob and I

Me and my baby bros.

Don't we look cool

Geneva loves her Aunt Christel

I don't have time to explain...

She actually liked her playpen!


Getting brave!
Bailey, the guard dog.

I can "fim!"

"I bave dirl!"

Tom and Joyce, (My friend Megs' parents!) lived 5 minutes down the road, so I gave them a ring and they came for a visit. It made me miss my Meggy though!

One of many beautiful sunsets on Higgins Lake

Not the greatest pic of my aunt and uncle, but it's the only one I have, so here they are, and sorry guys for not having a better pic of you!


Geneva spent quite a lot of time with Carley, who is great with kids.

She also spent a lot of time with her Grandma. Brookie spent some good quality snuggle time with Grams too. They LOOOOVE their grandma.
My dad spent a lot of time windsurfing. He's reallllly good.

Our big girl.

Just after this picture was taken we had to ask Jared to move just a little bit over so we could get a picture with Daddy and his girls. He was a little sad and went back home to his cottage (next door to ours) Geneva, a few minutes later said "Where's my boyfriend" It was hilarious.
It was nice for G to have a playmate, even though she'll probably never see this little guy again.

Brookie basically has two faces. Happy, or very worried looking.

Nice camera skills Derek!

Our last night at Higgins.