Sunday, July 17, 2011

summer camping trip #1

The long weekend in July we decided a few days beforehand to go camping! Took us a while to find a campground that had openings, but discovered a little place called Jordan Valley Family Campground. Cute little place: grassy site, pool, playground, etc. The kids LOVED it and can't wait to go again. Aside from a missed nap or too and 2 very early mornings x 3 kiddos we considered our first camp of the summer a success!

Our best attempt at a family pic... not too bad I guess!

Can you see the fish? It's HUGE!

D's big catch of the day

These monkeys played camping for a few days when we got home. LOVED their first trip of the summer!

"When can we go 'real camping' again?"


Brooke turns 5!

A few of the party-goers.

Mikers helping Daddy change the oil

I love my big sis!