Saturday, November 26, 2011

6 am update

Just a quick update while I nurse a baby who was up for 2 hours in the night (little stinker!) Hopefully he goes back to bed now so momma can catch up a smidge on sleep.

Things are going well here: Ian will be 6 weeks soon!

He's awake a lot more these days, and usually up for a good 3 hour stretch in the evening. Then he usually (although it's hard to say "usually" with a newborn) sleeps for a longer stretch after that: the other night he slept for 5 hours. Last night, only 3. Sigh. What can you do.

Tomorrow is Ian's baptism: will post pics of that sometime. :) SO excited to see my family and Derek's family again!!

We're so thankful for our little Ian and love him to smitherenes. (where on earth did that word come from?)

Time for me to go back to sleep for 2 minutes before the big kids wake up! Although, Ian is looking quite wide awake in his bassinette at the moment. . .

I'm ready for our walk, Mom!

Ian and his friend Molly (thoughtfully posed by Molly's owner, Brooke)

All bundled up with nowhere to go (other than around the block)

Geneva multitasking

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Anonymous said...

Geneva must be great help for you!!! Congrats yet with Ian's baptism - I heard you had a nice visit...