Sunday, September 16, 2007

I love my spoon!

Brooke's latest obsession is spoons. Take it away, and watch out world. Ok, we really do realize that it really isn't the safest thing to let a baby crawl around with a spoon. But when it keeps her occupied for hours? Such a debate. It's good for banging on things, it's good for chewing on, good for making noise while crawling, and most importantly, it's good for putting FOOD into one's mouth!

Doing a fine job of feeding herself some yogurt.


See this? Yup, that's my spoon. I like it.

Labour Day Weekend

Well, it already seems like it was a looooong time ago. But on Labour Day weekend we had our annual swordswomen retreat! We went to Megs and Al's new house in GR. Sar and Matt couldn't come :0( We missed you guys! More extensive pics are up on Cheli's site, since we had some camera issues. But here are couple from when our batteries were cooperating. :) Chel brought her man, Greg with. What a cool guy. So glad we got to meet him!

At a really neat "sprayground" at Millenium park in Grand Rapids.
This was a few runs before Geneva ran smack into into a little boy.... So hard not to walk...

I think they're laughing because they thought they might look like an 'alternative couple.'

Boy Brookie sure looks like she's having tons of fun.

Proud parents to be!

Watch out Al! There's a bucket just about to....

...dump on your head!

Taste this Daddy...

But Dad, I like the taste of sand, why don't you?

Fun with sand.

Greg and Michelle. Notice the tile thingy behind them. Don't know how she spotted that one... there were hundreds of them!