Tuesday, June 26, 2007

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Monday, June 25, 2007

To the wading pool with Anneka and Karen

Brookie's friend Anneka
She loooooved the water
I think Karen got almost as wet as Anneka!

I'm a one year old now!

Just try to ignore all the drool on my dress. Just look at my eyes!

Now let's just rub it in up here...

Nice goatee
Hon, how much do you love me for putting this picture up?

Can you tell who was really the most excited about Brookie's present?

Hey, what'd I get?

Brooke was more interested in the box anyway... play on, Geneva.

Me and the bday girl. (who happens to be eating part of the box)

G and her friends

That's a whoooole lotta kids
(these are some of my daycare kids)

The sweetie-Niets

Too many 1 year olds!

Ahhh! They're taking over my house!

Geneva and her buds.

How big is Brookie? SOOOOOO big!

I love my mom

A Geneva sandwich

My girls

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dave and Christel Mulder

(Sorry in advance to all facebook friends for the photo repeats!) :)

On Saturday, June 9 my big brother Dave married Christel Deal. It was a beauuutifully perfect day and great fun was had by all!!! As for the things I don't have pictures of, due to the camera battery dying rather quickly in the day, here's the summary: The dance floor was utilized well, ok, well at least by the Mulder bros and a few select others. ;) The outdoor pavilion was gorgeous, the view from Apple Mountain, spectacular. The food, amazing, and the beer (after the wedding) was flowing like wine.

Mom getting her second in her life manicure. I was supposed to have mine done, but due to a scheduling error, only Nessy got hers done. I got my hair done the next morning, so it was all good. The perfectionistic nail lady only made us about 10 minutes late for the rehearsal. :) She was nice though, so it's all good.

Putting curlers in, which by the way failed and did not stay curly at all! Oh well, the braids looked pretty sweet, I thought.

The handsome men folk up at the front, waiting for the beautiful ladies.

Here comes the stubborn flower girl!
She did not want to walk into that crowded church! UH UH! So, there was a big hairy (or shall we say hairless?) flower girl in the wedding along with the cute little one. :)

Here comes the bride!

The happy couple.

My bros and I, trying to do a picture repeat of the one with our hawaiian theme...

Me and some of my girl cuzzes (I stole these next pics from Erica's facebook, hope she doesn't mind!)

My Aunt Marrianne is soooo short. Also, these two cousins are wellllll over 6' 7" ish.

Cuttin the cake (obviously)

My cousin Erica and Brookie