Saturday, November 22, 2008

Suddenly realizing we have only 1 picture of my tummy at about 5 months, we realized we should probably take at least one more picture of this child before he or she arrives! So here I am at 36 weeks. One month left to go! I'm feeling great and we're excited to meet this little one!


Here are some pics of a fall hike earlier this month. (the only pictures we've taken this month actually...)
Starting out


Taking a break

Tews' Falls

Look out #1 We never quite made it to look out #2.... 3/4 hour was a long enough walk for 2 year old legs and a momma carrying around an extra 20 pounds or so. :)

Riding in style

Some nice fellow hikers offered to take our pic.

Bonus pic: Geneva and Brooke and their friends Dan and Helena. "Heena" as so called by Brookie. B LOVED going to Heena's house while Geneva was at school. Now Brooke gets to stay at home with Mommy while G is gone since I'm done work!

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Holding baby Eli for the first time!
The girls were DYING to meet their new baby cousin, (ok, really it was me who needed to see my nephew!) but we got to see him at 1 week old! :0)
My dad had a funeral to go to in London, and he ended up picking us girls up and bringing us back to Midland with him! Derek picked us up the next afternoon in Port Huron (thanks Rob and Mom for making the big drive to bring us half way back!!!!) so it was a short visit, but definitely sweet! Thanks Dave and Christel for all the quality snuggle time with this precious bundle. Can't wait 'til the next visit!

Getting a close look.

Hmm... what to think about all this...

Brooke actually has a bare bum in this picture, she was mid-way through a potty break (ok, an attempt at a potty break) when the special guests arrived at Grandma's, and the putting back on of the diaper just couldn't wait!

With Beppe! We stopped in for a quick visit at my dad's mom's, who happens to be 98!!! WOW. She's still sharp as a tack, this amazing lady. (ok, once, a while back she didn't remember who I was, but that was because she missed her snooze that day!)

Another quick drop in, this one is with Oma, my mom's mom, who will be 90 next year!!! Sweetest lady you'll ever meet...

Our cow and monkey trick or treaters!

Geneva with her friend Kaelyn. Our friends Rob and Kim come trick or treating with us every year, it's tradition. :)

The whole crew! (minus a baby Justin)

At neighbour Dawn's getting some goods!

Had to throw in another bonus Brookie pic, photo compliments of Uncle Rob. She's trying to erase her etch-a-sketch picture.