Sunday, September 07, 2008


A wonderful month, FLOWN by! Here are some highlights!

Hamming it up at bathtime!

At Uncle Dave and Aunt Christels'. Don't they look cool! Geneva got invited for a sleepover, but to make a long story short, Mommy ended up sleeping over too.... Maybe next summer she'll be ready!

The girls are patiently waiting til October to meet their cousin!

Attempted photo shoot with Bailey, Grandma and Grandpa's beloved golden. She's getting up there in years, and we hope and pray she stays around a lot longer!!! She's the best dog ever. (only a slightly biased opinion of course)

On Labour day weekend we had our annual "swordswomen" retreat! I don't actually have any pictures of my college girls since we were too busy being together (and chasing after babies and feeding babies, and swimming with babies) to get many pictures. I'm waiting on Megs to pass some along, she took the most pics. :0) These are the daddies in the pool with all their girls!
We headed to Virginia on Thursday before the long weekend and hung out from Friday til Monday morning at a wonderful resort close to the Shenendoah Mountains. Spent lots of time hanging out, swimming inside & out, EATING, checking out the horses, an attempt at paddleboating with small children (we lasted about 3 minutes) and enjoying a luau-type deal.
VERY fun, and worth the long drive. It always goes by WAY too quickly, and now we have to wait a whole other year for the next college-reunion-type-weekend (perhaps week???) together!

Even baby Kirra and Sophie (pictured here) tried it out!

Kirra with Aunt Cheli. Sorry Megs, I only have pics of your beautiful baby, not you!

This past weekend, which I realize is not technically August anymore, but thought I'd post WHILE I'm posting, Uncle Brian came for a visit! The girls LOVED it, and were at his side all weekend. They jammed with him on the guitar, danced it up, helped him with his pushups, swang together, husked corn together, and had a GRAND old time. THANKS for making the trek to see us Bri, we're so so so so very glad you came and think you're a pretty cool funcle.

Mini golfing! Derek kicked our butts. Well, ok he kicked my butt, and beat Brian by a slim margin.

Watching Daddy's ball go by. They loved the rocks. Which also kept them off the greens. Very good. Only a few balls hit their feet, or got moved "accidentally."

Brookie's version of mini-golf. This would be one of the times I didn't aim for getting it through the human bridge.

So that's it for you. Wed did do MUCH other things this month, including visiting grade school friends Julie and Steph in Grand Bend. (2nd annual visit) If you'd like to see some family pictures of us that my friend Julie took, check out under 'view your pictures' and then 'portraits'
I don't promise we're the most photogenic people in the world by ANY means, but there's a few good ones in the mix due to Julie's mad skills and sweet camera... Keep in mind, we just got back from the beach and weren't necessarily ready for a photoshoot!

Anyway, now it's September! I work for a couple more months til baby comes, start teaching on Weds mornings next week, and Geneva starts school on Tuesday! Those are the big upcoming happenings at the Huisman residence.