Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just for fun...

Well, just over 6 weeks left to go, and we're purty eager to find out who this little guppy is! :)

I've never done this before for any of our kids, but I'm curious to know what people think, so here's a bit of a poll...
When do you think this babe will arrive? Boy or girl? How big?

Some stats to keep in mind...

I'm due Oct 28
Geneva: 1 day late, 8 lbs 9 oz
Brooke: 5.5 weeks early, 5 lbs 13 oz
Micah: 2.5 weeks early, 7 lbs 11 oz

Leave a comment... Whoever's closest wins a prize! K, I haven't actually thought of what a good prize is... but I'll come up with something! :)

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Camping again! (and a baby belly shot)

At the end of August we headed to Paradise Valley Campground for 3 nights. A GREAT trip! We had visitors every day since we decided to camp close to Wyoming (Derek's family and friend Joel and family) which was awesome. The kids were happy and soooo good, and it just was a lot of fun!

Fun with glow sticks. Can you tell who this is?

Cousins (and other creatures)

Practicing for having a new brother or sister in a month or so!

Happy Camper boys!

We opted for a cabin so I wouldn't have to sleep on the floor... and ended up sleeping on the floor. :) Ah well. The beds were triple bunk which the kids thought was AMAZING! It was really nice to have a cabin though, especially when it started to rain. AND the fact that we could block the windows off: the kids slept in til past 8 every morning! Unheard of!!! (Especially compared to our last trip when we saw everyone up by 6 every morning)

G took her camera to the beach

me = 31 years

babes = 31 weeks

I'm 33 wks now, just 7 more to go! (Give or take a few weeks I guess) Who knows this little babe will arrive on time like big sis Geneva or be early like big bro Micah or super early like big sis Brooke!

First Day!

G had her first day on Tuesday and B on Wednesday. They were pretty excited and both had great days. Happy schoolgirls make for a happy momma. :)


Out the door by 7:35 am! (20 mins earlier than last year... ack!)

Brookie's first day

They wanted to be twins (I think Micah was distracting them from looking @ the camera)