Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter, and a conflict of interests

We got to see Grandma and Opa and Nana this past Easter weekend without leaving the comfort of home! How fun that they were willing to make the trek to see us!!!
My mom came up Fri/Sat for a visit which flew by too quickly, as usual... and oops, no pics! Opa and Nana were up Sun/Mon. The girls (and boy!) got some quality grandparent time in. Nana wins the prize for most children's books read in one day!

Opa and Derek went for a nice long hike... I got a call to come pick them up since they just kept walking and walking and walking and didn't have time to walk back!

Opa and grandbaby #10

Today was GLORIOUS! We were outside all afternoon once G got off the bus. I tried to get a snooze in before then, but as usual, Brooke and Micah tag-teamed on the naps and this poor tired Momma missed out on a much needed cat nap.... Micah's not feeling 100 percent and was inconsolable last night from 11 til 12 and again from 5 til 6:30! (6:00 being when the girls next door made their entrance) Poor little man has a bad cold and I'm thinkin' maybe his throat or ears must be bugging him. Very unlike him to be up in the middle of the night... Made me verrrry thankful we don't deal with a screaming baby in the middle of the night on a regular basis!
Anyway, I digress! The point to the story is... that I got to wear my sunglasses today to disguise the bags under my eyes!
I love my children, I love my sleep, what a conflict of interests...
Another thing I love? SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's some pics of our beautiful afternoon, and what the kiddos were up to!

Safety first!

How can this innocent little face be such a MONSTER in the mornings?!?! I know we can't all be morning people, but come on girly!

LOVES sand. She only brought in about a cup full in the cuff of her pants... Just after I vaccumed...

FYI, No, I did NOT give Brookie bangs. That would be compliments of yours truly in the purple shirt. No more details other than the fact that I found 3 lovely blond ringlets on the kitchen floor.

Trying the swing for the first time.

Checking things out... feeling moderately safe until the little creature in the background decides to come and give him a friendly push!

Thank you God for SPRING!!!!!!!!!