Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Geneva took this pic. Not bad for a 3 yr old huh? :0)


Brooke LOVED this idea.

"Mom, this is more my idea-I'll ride my car while you chase me down and try to take a picture"

Dinner @ Cracker Barrel with Ed and Lori and fam

Justin and Derek

Abigail and Nana

Aunt Lori and Geneva

Derek, Ed, and their invisible friend. (You guys are big dorks)

Opa and Riley

Oh my, check out those bedheads!

Playing dress up

Geneva, Blackie and Susannah (everyone is named Susannah around here...)

Big girl hair cut!!!


Big girl piggytails for Brookie. As long as her hair stays curly, I'm not ever cutting her hair!

Monday, January 14, 2008

painting, pierced ears, and a sick baby


SOOOO proud!
Geneva got her ears pierced and wanted to show Uncle Bobby some pictures on the computer. So here are her ears in all their shiny flowery prettiness.
She screamed when they pierced them, in case you were wondering. Thankfully they did both ears at the same time. Otherwise, she'd only have 1 earring in, for sure.

It's been a brutal week. My strength as a momma has been tested. The girls have had a verrry bad cold for about 2 weeks now, and Brookie ended up with an ear infection and a nasty cough. Bronchitis, anyone? Her fever lasted a few days, and she is a bit happier these days, but you get the idea on these pics, it was not the best weekend in Huisman history.

Still able to eat a bit. I don't think anything would completely get rid of this little one's appetite. She eats more than Geneva these days.

My monkeys eating their bananas.


Brookie on a brighter day last week, showing off her dance moves.

All ready for bed.

The close up that didn't work.

When there was snow...

Here's our first official Huisman family snowman. (ok, we've made snowmen before, but this was our best one ever.) Doesn't quite compare to Leroy, of course, but we were proud none the less. Geneva named him Susannah. Great name for a snow dude, I'd say. He was rather friendly and he even waved in the wind. Then it became spring in January, and he bit the dust. We'll build another one when it snows again. I think Derek and I had more fun than the girls to be quite honest.

Awww, isn't he cute?