Thursday, June 12, 2008

Toddler + library = poop

SO, I haven't blogged much lately. I have hardly even taken any pictures lately! REASON: I have been tired. I have been lazy. I have not done much that would classify as 'productive' in the last few weeks. AND I'm now going to put the majority of the blame on a certain little 13 week-size of a lime-little guy/gal/peanut. :0) In better news, I've been feeling much better and much more wiling to eat in the morning.

SO, here are some semi-recent pics, some rather humerous incognito ones from a few weeks ago, and some summer readin' ones from today after our trip to the library, in which I had to return a cd Brookie had ripped the case from, as well as a magazine I left out in the rain storm the other day. OOPS. Total damage: $7.50. The library needs money to keep running, right? Somebody has to support their local library. I just usually only contribute for late books, not ruined ones.

OH, and just to let you know, Brookie pooped the library today. Not that this would normally make ground breaking news, because she ALWAYS poops at the library and today was no exception. I think it's happened about 12 times now. Seriously. I think they spray laxative air freshener or something. Either that or, according to the children's librarian, who knows Brookie for her stinking up the library tendencies, claims that Brooke loves it so much at the library and feels so relaxed and at home, she just GOES. Anyway, conveniently, no change table in the children's section (????) and upstairs we must go to change aforementioned stinky diaper. Then I need to carry it home (not allowed to throw toxic waste in the garbage near bathroom located directly next to the non-fiction section) and NO garbage cans outside the library either. I've actually accidentally left a poopy diaper in the van overnight. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

All right. Enough about poop. Just thought I'd fill you in on the toddler + library = poop episode.

So, in other closing, bits of random information, Derek is currently sleeping on the couch after a grueling day off of playing in a baseball tournament, and Brooke and Geneva are sound asleep in their beddies. As for me, I'm off to.... well, I was going to say read, but I don't have any good books to read yet. Just finished one called "Safely Home" about the persecuted church in China. What an eye opener.
SOO, any recommendations from anyone?

Here's the pics.

With Kaelyn and Reuben. (only a few more weeks of the babysitting swap left! We're taking the summer off from sittin' on babies)

I think this is the greatest picture in the world.

Reading a 'choo choo' book.

Geneva is going to LOVE to learn to read someday. Her love of books has been an almost 4 year love story!

QUICK! Capture the moment on camera, Brookie's actually SITTING still and looking at a book!

P.S. Momma's brag note: Brooke is finally starting to talk up a storm! Today she said "I did it!" clear as anything. It was over something silly, like breaking her toast in half. But rather cute, none the less. She also got on the phone with Derek and said "Hi Daddy, Bye Daddy." HOW FUN to hear new words every day. My favourite thing to do is to say any word I can think of and hear Brookie repeat it. That's our new favourite in-the-van game. We start off simple, "car, mommy, daddy," then move on to "hippopotomus, perpendicular, adirondack" Ok, I don't even know how to spell that. And, yes, I'm kidding. But it is really cute to hear a 2 year old try to tackle a multi-syllabic word. :0)

Hope all my swordswomen Hopey type girls enjoyed the "BLAHGging" today! :0)
love, An