Thursday, February 25, 2010

Family Day

Opa and Nana came up on Valentines & Family Day! We had SUCH a fun time skating, bolwing, out for dinner, and just hanging out. Thanks for a fun, fun time guys. We think you're pretty special people... What a great way to spend family day & we wish we lived a little closer to all our wonderful family so we could hang out more often.

Granny bowler!

high five Opa!

Mikers had "fun" watching.

I tried to upload a video here of Geneva bowling for the first time, but it didn't work. Maybe I'll try again later. She got a few spares. Would you believe I bowled a 214? I had 5 strikes. Unheard of. (I beat Derek, hehehe) No pictures to prove it though. You'll just have to believe me.

Oh, child.

Skating queen


Our backyard has never been quite so fun.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Sorry, I totally have neglected this blog! Life has been just a smidge busy these days...
Unfortunately, my camera was acting up, so this foot pic is literally the ONLY picture I took all weekend of my marvelous Chicago weekend away! Megs will hopefully pass along some of the pics she took. It was an amazingly fun weekend, and SOOOO good to see my dear Chel and Meggers. Missed you Sar!
Derek did a great job on the homefront with the kiddos. I don't think they really even noticed I was gone! Brooke went to my mom and dad's for almost a week and LOVED her time there. She got some good one-on-one time with Gma, and just absolutely thrived on being there. She's grown up a lot lately.
Brooke's creation

The artist.

Me and m' boy.

Uncle Bobby came for a visit in Jan. LOVED having you over Rob. I think the girls rather liked it too.

Watching the girls skate.

Taking Big Benny for a stroll.


Gva's getting purty good at the whole skating thing. (with a few amazingly large bruises on her knees of course)

Before (sorry, pics out of order!)
Derek's been working hard at keeping this baby skatable.

Big helper.