Sunday, October 19, 2008

Canadian Thanksgiving in the US of A

Last weekend we left the leaves piled up at home and headed to Midland, MI for Thanksgiving Weekend at my parents. It was GORGEOUS and a wonderful, specacular weekend. Here are some highlights!

Yup, this is how warm it was on Friday!

Poster made by my brother Dave... My bro Brian and he were supposed to run in a 5 k race which he was TOLD by Dave was on the 11th, but actually was happening the week after. SO, since Bri couldn't make the following week, Dave decided to map out a 5 km route that they could run together. Complete with chalk arrows, mile-age signs (made out of paper plates!) and a TP finish line! Classicly named, "The BM Movement" in honour of Brian Mulder's unfortunate initials. My dad and Derek joined in and finished strong, just minutes behind the pack leaders.

Brookie joined the men at the starting line.

Derek's photo finish! Nice running baby!

Not bad for a man approaching 60! I was impressed.

And the winner wins a Tshirt! With the number 4 on it, for some odd reason...

After the big race we checked out Uncle Dave's plane.

Air traffic control, are we cleared for take off?

Bumping bellies on a beautiful day! Congrats to Christel and Dave who had their baby boy, Eli James Mulder just a week after this pic was taken. Now, why, oh why Eli, couldn't you have planned to arrive while your auntie, uncle, and cousins were visiting! :0) WE ARE DYING to meet you!!!
I'll post some pics of the little man when I can.
As for me, looking none too hugely prego at 7 months.

Swinging it up at Kauffman park.

The girls.

Brookie and her hero.

Don't even ask WHY this needed to come outside... But I think it ended up being fully worth it. Great spectator capability compared to the basement!

Ok, this might look like an odd picture to post, but this is how Brookie stood after attempting to "catch" Daddy at the bottom of the slide the 1st time around. She was a little more cautious on slide run #2.


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Big Girl Beds and Fun in the Leaves

Well, I figured since it was October, it was about time to add some new blog pics!

Brookie on her new big girl bed. The first few nights were a little rough, but it's looking a little more promising after a week... Today she finally napped in her bed, under the covers, with all her clothes on (yes, she's fallen asleep on the floor once and once fell asleep on her bed with a bare bum.) HOORAY for a Sunday nap!!!!
So, admittedly, the trick is... we've found something that works and it's called a lock. Yup, we lock her in her room. Felt a little 'wrong' at first, but, ahem, after losing count at about 30 times out of her room each night for about 4 days, the lock really worked. Tonight at bed time she didn't even come to the door and stayed in her bed the whole time. WOW. I guess she really is a big girl now!

Reading on her new bed with Grandma. My parents came to visit and bring the big beds which we bought 2nd hand from the states.

Geneva showing off her photography skills. Centered and everything, nice work kiddo.


In baby news: Everything going well, and only 11 more weeks to go! It's going by rather quickly. Derek finished up the baby's room, he put in all new trim and painted yellow and green, he did a rather nice job I'd like to say! We even set up the bassinet the other day. Not that we're really expecting baby to make an early appearance, but we figured since Brooke was almost 6 weeks early and we didn't have ANYTHING ready, I guess I'm ok with being a little over prepared this time around!
Here's a peek what the room looks like:

Ok, it's not a picture of the whole room or anything, but at least you get an idea!

Geneva on her new bed with her snake she made at school on green day. The class actually ended up seeing a real snake outside on the playground the day they painted these snakes. At first I thought Geneva was making it up, but Mrs. T. concurs!

Just so you know, this is a very rare Brookie pose.

This was not planned, they both just happened to lay the exact same way. Apparantly, this is the cool way to lay in leaves.

We love fall!

Collecting leaves for our fall placemats we made.
Aunt Lori, Geneva still LOVES the poncho you made!

Brookie's 2 versions of collecting leaves: 1 special leaf OR a handful of crinkled up brown ones.

It's raining leaves!

A final bonus picture for your viewing pleasure.

Anyway, summary: we are happy, healthy, blessed, and enjoying this wonderful life God has given us!