Friday, April 25, 2008


In Daddy's Nicaraguan hammock-swing.

Reading buddies.

Geneva and her friend Abby about to go for a ride in our babysitters' bike trailer. Apparently guinea pigs like going for bike rides. His name is Peanut Butter. (Or something like that.)

So, this is our wonnnnderful babysitter Jessica and her little sister Abby with our girls. She lives just down the road and walks over which is SUPER nice. The girls adore her. She always brings something for them like a Dora movie from Abby's stash, or a craft or puzzle or something. In fact, when Geneva knows Abby is coming over, she asks for Abby to put her to bed instead of me. (this was just about unheard of about 1/2 a year ago!)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

sylin' spring wardrobe

About the outfits. Derek picked Geneva's clothes out, I picked Brookie's. Moments later, we walked out of the bedrooms with the girls at the same time and ta-da! This is what they were wearing. Outfits completed with blue jeans and pink socks. We added the sunglasses later. :0)
(pink pants were exchanged mid way through the day after a run-in with a serious mud puddle)

p.s. I LOVE this weather and have been looking forward to it for a while!!!
Here's some pics of Brooke hanging out in our new tire swing. We've been outside A LOT for the past few days and Geneva managed to get a sunburn already!