Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brookie's first hair cut!

Brooke's first hair cut, compliments of Aunt Tina

Still looks curly when it's wet, but it dries pretty straight! "I look like Geneva now!" Only a few curlies left. It was kinda hard to do, but she was sooo excited to have it cut, it made it pretty worth while. It looks a lot healthier now and is much easier to comb through the tangles.

Monday, October 11, 2010

some Sept, some Oct

Our children are ginormously huge. This is at Korny Korners with Opa and Nana on Saturday. It was reeaaallly fun. :) Most of the pics I took turned out kinda fuzzy, but here are a few that were ok. We had a great Thanksgiving weekend with Derek's fam! :) We're thankful for the whole Huisman gang.

Farmer Mike

Waiting 'patiently' for their turn.

Ok, so this makes them look smaller. :)

At Story Book Gardens with Opa, Ann and the twins. A beautiful, beautiful day. We were delinquent about taking pictures though, so this is all you get. :)


Gva on a bikeride along the waterfront a few weeks back.


The little bikers.

Brooke's first day! She didn't even turn around to wave at us she was SO excited.


Ready to rock preschool and Grade 1. They are absolutely loving school so far this year.