Sunday, June 05, 2011

We love spring!

My favourite people!

My biking babies! Brooke learned to ride a 2 wheeler at Grandma & Grandpa's on Mother's Day and our bike rides have picked up, in terms of pace, about 200 percent. So fun! Now if we could just get Micah to learn to pedal, we'd be even faster! He's a bit too big for the baby seat on the back of my bike (although I still do it, even though I probably shouldn't since he's like 38 pounds) but he's waaaaay too poky to go on his own.

The Jorritsmas came over for a hike! Fun times jumping mud puddles and trying to get birds to land on our hands. We didn't have any birdseed, and they didn't seem appetized by bread.... which my children ended up eating anyways.

Technology & Hiking go hand in hand.... apparantly. :)

Thursday, June 02, 2011

girls weekend!

Don't you just love the matching outfits? NOT planned.

Me and my girls!

Megs and Chel

me n' Sarah

View from our cottage on Lake Mac

An amaaaaazing time away in Holland Michigan with my ol' roomies! Love you girls! We will definitely have to do that again!!!


May 1st: 5k run with some of Derek's family. The kids and I had a fun time watching the race!

Sistery love @ the pool in our hotel

Notice the nice scar 2 stitches left behind (run in with a table at preschool!)

my little fish

some more fishies

playing "preschool quiet time"



Uncle Bri came in April!!! Oops, this is one of the only pictures I took. Too much time spent having fun to take pics I guess...

Maple Syrup Festival @ the beginning of April. Derek's birthday I think, actually.