Thursday, November 11, 2010


OK, so it's been a while! Here's to all the people who check the blog, just waiting for me to update. :)
Things are good here. Pretty routine... but good. Finding beauty in the small things.
A few highlights from the past few weeks of life for this 30 year old, in absolutely no particular order.
enjoying peeking in on the kids while their sleeping, reading a book while getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist (why didn't I think of that before!) waiting for Derek to say something funny as his meds wore off after getting his wisdom teeth pulled, waiting not so patiently to see my family at American thanksgiving, listening to the girls singing songs to Jesus together after they've been tucked in, eating yet another Halloween size chocolate bar, going out for dinner with a friend from high school, seeing my hugely tall Brooke at preschool standing next to another 4 year old who is literally the size of my almost 2 year old, leading a children's message at church and getting a bit choked up looking at ALL those kids listening intently to me talk about other kids who don't even have food to fill their tummies, skyping with my little bro as he takes his computer (and thus me) outside to say goodbye to my parents as they leave, baking cookies with my Brooke who never wants to leave my side when she's home from school, saying the abcs with Micah and hearing him shout YES for the letter s, watching Geneva play the air guitar on the broom while the radio plays, telling Derek his "Mo-vember" mustache makes him look oh so handsome (ick), letting the girls paint their own artwork to hang on the walls in their newly painted pink and brown room, praying for a church friend's husband who's just been diagnosed with a brain tumor and feeling God's presense even in a terrible situation.
God is good, all the time. Good times: Yes. Mundane times: Uh huh. Boring times: Yuppers. Exciting times: Mmmhmm. Awful times: You bet.
OK, so I'm leaving you with some videos of the most precious things I have "out on loan." :)