Monday, November 27, 2006

American Thanksgiving

Well, it's without fail. Whenever we get together with my fam, we never take many pictures. It's not for lack of interesting things going on. Not by any means: we went paintballing, curling, hill-running, played basketball, listened to a few Mulder jam sessions, played an inummerable amount of games, etc etc etc. But perhaps we are just too busy or having too much fun to take pictures!?
We had such a nice weekend with the fam. I LOOOOOOVE going home and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Sadly, gramps wasn't home, off flying for the weekend. He would have gladly given that up for a weekend with his fam and we missed him lots. Got to spend some quality time with my future sister in law and Geneva got asked a BIG question.... Would she like to be a FLOWER GIRL!!!!!!!! Hooray! I pretty much had tears in my eyes; I felt so honoured that Neves gets to play such a neat part in the big Mulder/Deal merge! :) We couldn't be happier with God's choice of mate for "Daze." Pretty amazing stuff right there.
Anyway, we stopped off at Dad and Rita's on the way home for a short visit- longer one next time, we promise guys!
Ok, long enough post. I'll attach a few of the pics I actually did take. Love you fam! Can't wait to see you at Christmas time when we can celebrate Jesus' birth together!

OH, and for your viewing pleasure here are a few typically-expanded, over-detailed, over-zealous-since-we-only-spend-20-dollars-on-our-"people person"type Mulder Christmas lists! Sorry Bri and Mom, your list pictures were too fuzzy to read.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Few Favourites

Just a few favourites from the past few months.... ok, a lot of favourites. :)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Daddy's girls

Who would ever complain about having two girls? Not this daddy. He loves his girls. Now, he has sometimes mentioned that he worries about when they get to be teenagers someday.... but we'll try not to think of that quite yet!

Dorky pictures

One of the benefits of having a digital camera is that usually we just quickly delete all the dorky pictures...But I thought, for your viewing pleasure, I'd include them today! Hehe...


She looks pretty good for her 96 years huh? We went to see Beppe Mulder in the nursing home where she's been for a few months now. She is doing really well, still "sharp as a tack" as my mom says. She was giving us directions how to get to my cousin's place and she was totally right!
She was so pleased to see the girls (as were a bunch of other residents who were just so excited to see/hear a baby in their hallways!) We are so blessed to have Beppe around still and hope she'll have s'more years with us! She prays through a list of her family and friends, what a great purpose she definitely still serves!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Brooke is my little Brooklet, Brookie, babygirl, sweet potato, pumpkin pie, sugar plum, honey child.... i'm baaaad with the nicknames. Will she ever be called Brooke? Or will she forever be known as "Boobie" courtesy of Geneva who can not master the BR blend..... ps the last pic is of Brooke and her friend Anneka (our good friends Dave and Karen's beautiful babe)

More pics!

Here are s'more things we've been up to.... Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit, we went trick or treating (Brooke was a French baby and Geneva was a sunflower), more pics to come!

Geneva's latest "thing"

PAINT! Too bad it's so messy cause boy does she love it. Doesn't want to take off her "paint bib" pretty much all day. "More paintin!" is a recurring sentence these days.

Hooray for high speed!

WELLLLL... Finally another post from us! We just got high speed internet today and WOW is that ever going to make a difference as to how often I add pictures to this blogger! Very exciting. Anyway, so here are a bunch of pics for your viewing pleasure....