Sunday, September 12, 2010


Out for a stroll with "Big Benny"

Strollin' with "Holly Moose"

Rockin' the manly blue stroller with 'Rog'


Hikers with Mikers.
D took the kids out for a hike while I got to have some much needed peace and quiet while making dinner. I had homemade squash soup (from the garden!) ready and on the table when they came home. Just call me Annie homemaker. :)

Photo compliment of Brookie.

G's photography skills

This picture amused me. Can't have all these posed pictures all the time. This is what they're really like.

G with a moose.

B with "Bailey"


The little hikers.

first day!

Our big Grade 1 girl! Every day to school (and loving it!)

The pround sibs, 1 very excited to see the bus, 1 slightly bummed that she had to wait an entire week longer to hop on the bus!

Apple Pickin'

First time apple picking as a family was a great success. We could have easily picked 5 bushels and had to tell the kids "STOP picking apples!" Delicious Silken apples. Unfortunately, they don't decrease the amount per pound much when you pick them yourselves (perhaps because they know a family of 5 can easily munch away at least $5 worth of apples in a given hour) In fact, when we arrived, there was a couple ahead of us that, when hearing the price per pound, said "I think we'll just go to the grocery store" and left. So, our $xx worth of apples are actually almost all gone already. We paid only a few dollars more for an entire bushel later on in the week (different location) when Grandma came to make applesauce. (our yearly tradition) Anyway, it was fun and still totally worth it! Must stop always thinking in dollars and cents.
My mom would just say, "We raised you right." hehe

Is she double fisting it?

Had to throw this pic in of our garden. Aren't those massive sunflowers?!?