Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Smiley boy

Yay for a smiling baby! Micah's starting to try to coo a little bit too. So fun! Hard to capture the full effect on camera, this doesn't really do him justice, he can do a nice big open mouth smile! I'm having a hard time uploading a video I took, I'll try again, and we'll keep trying to catch the smile for you Grandma!

Monday, January 26, 2009

for Megs

Megs tagged me on her blog to do this... Go to your 4th folder where you keep your pics and insert the 4th picture.
This is of a chubby Brookie in the tub when her hair was starting to go really curly! We'll have to wait and see what Micah's hair does: Will it be straight like his bigg"est" sis or curly like his bigg"er" sis? Either way, he'll most likely be a blondie!
More pics to come soon, of a smiling Micah (finally!)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Life with the 5 of us

On Sunday, Jan 11 we baptized Micah Alan. It was a wonderful day where we promised to bring Micah up to know Jesus! What a beautiful covenant God has made to protect and love our little Micah. A few family members were able to make it down for the big day, thanks to everyone who came to help us celebrate! :0)

Hanging out with the Huisman clan at their hotel the night before! Lotsa fun! Ann came with the twins: it was pretty cute to see them splashing around. Tina came up with the boys and Dad and Rita as well. My parents came up Sunday am.

Looking a little startled to be with his grandparents.

With Gma

Not too bad for self-taken pics eh? This is what I do on long days at home by myself with the kids. :0)

Micah hangin' out with his sis and her big puppy.

He's grown into his hands a bit

Out cold on Mom

Matching boys!

Hiya dad

Sisterly love

MOM, Brookie's bugging me again!

Little man

Can there be ANY more love?

Almost a smile! He's a very content little dude, but SOOO stingy with the smiles still. Hopefully he'll be a little more generous with em cause they're pretty cute. Geneva claims he smiled at her 7 times last week.... but I've only seen 3 or 4 - in his life - total!

Ready for the Arctic weather!

So hard to believe Micah is 6 1/2 weeks already. He was 10 lbs exactly at the midwife's on Tues. Getting big, lot at those great cheekers!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

2009 so far

Clean as beans from bathtime and being "twins" in their new matching Christmas jammies from Nana!

Geneva wanted a picture with Micah since they were both wearing red, white and brown.

Yes, my children are lying on the table.
Cute enough to eat I suppose.

All bundled up for his first walk outside in the snuggli. Yes, I admit, our baby has not been outside yet (except for bringing him in his seat to the van and back to the house.)
But it's been COLD and we've been quite content to stay where it is nice and warm. And besides, it takes me WAY too long to get everyone all bundled and ready to go outside! Anyway, it was a nice walk. We ran into some neighbours and showed off our little bundled-up-boy-blue.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Just a few kiddie pics for ya. Micah's looking pretty stlyin' in his new duds. He's a month old tomorrow!!! Crazy how fast it's gone. He's a 9 pounder now, and starting to get a cute little double chin. He partied it up with us last night at our friend Rob and Kims' place and was awake til 2:30 am!
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! We wish you God's richest blessings in the New Year.