Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter weekend!

Here's a pic of Brookie 3 days post-injury. Looks pretty mild, it did heal up rather fast.
Brooke decided it'd be a good idea to put her head through a window.

She was running, and I was telling my friend Julie, who was visiting at the time, "Ya, she's into running everywhere lately." This sentence was immediately followed by the sound of shattering glass. She had somehow tripped and fell straight into the french door to our laundry room and broke the bottom pane of glass.
It looked worse at first than it was at first since face cuts/scrapes tend to bleed pretty good.

She was such a trooper about it all and sat still while I picked glass out of her hair. (she did scream pretty good at first though.) Geneva's retelling involved telling Uncle Brian that Brookie "steamed and tied, and steamed and tied!" See if you can figure that one out. :) It took Bri a few seconds.

Anyway, Someone was realllllly looking out for Brookie that morning. It was VERRRRY scary, and we're so thankful it wasn't any worse!!

Mi familia came down for Easter weekend!!! (we missed you, Dave and Christel!!! Hope you had a good time in N. Carolina) Even Bailey got to come. She was such a good girl, and the girls LOVED having her here. (Brookie has a stuffed dog named Bailey named after her)

As tradition has it, we headed out for a big walk in the woods.

The girls love their "untles"

G did great and only needed a few....

piggy backs (or in this case, piggy-fronts)
ok, I can't figure out how to un-underline this sentence. Weird.

Even I got a piggy back!

The Huisman-Mulder gang
(minus Bri, who took the pic)

I like this one almost as much as the first one... hehe

I loooooooooooooooooove my m-ma

Feet in the hot tub

We don't quite have enough sleeping room for everyone, so mom and dad hotelled it. The second night they let us have a date night! They stayed at our place and we got to go hot-tubbing and swimming and sleep in!!!! No kids to get ready for church in the am! Yummy hot breakfast in the morning too. What a treat. Muchas Gracias Mama y Papa! :0)
(Where this Spanish is coming from I'm not sure. Too much Dora and Diego maybe?)

ouch.Anyway, so glad you dorkles were able to come with, even though Bri ended up getting into a bit of an accident on the way home, involving a deer and getting home to Holland MI at 2 am..... Hope it was still worth your while. (it definitely was for us!!!!)

Jam session with uncle Bri on guitar, uncle Bobby on vocals, Geneva on maracas.
Not sure why G is holding her toe. Maybe it added some extra maraca beat?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hard to believe that just a week ago Derek was still in Nicaragua!
He was one of 4 youth leaders who took 14 youth to Central America for an AMAZING time of serving, (sunning), and experiencing a completely different culture.

I'll let him add captions later on to explain some of the pics.

I'm glad to have him back home, but SO glad he was able to go. God REALLY answered prayers, kept everyone safe, and allowed the youth (and leaders!) to be challenged in many ways, and grow closer to HIM!!

While Derek was gone, I spent some quality (and quantity) time with the girls in the van as we drove to Grand Rapids and Chicago! We banked close to 20 hours of driving time. Many people have said I'm insane to even try to drive this far with a 31/2 year old and and almost 2 year old, but I'm SO glad I did it! The girls did amazingly well, were happy and kept busy. Not a single flake of snow on the drive either. WOW!

Bri and Rob, thanks for the quick visit and for serenading us with "Alice the Camel" and "If you're happy and you know it." and everyone's fave: "Bump a Friends' Rump"
I'm so glad I got to (finally) see where you live!
Geneva still talks about Ameribear, believe it or not....

Cheli, an AMAZING visit! What a fun time we had in Chicago. Thanks for putting up with the early wake-up calls. You did really well with the lack of sleep. :0) heheh
We had SOOO much fun at the childrens' museum and aquarium!!!
I'm so so so so so very glad we made the trip.

I have NO pictures of my own to share, since the camera was halfway across the world at the time. Ok, well at least 1/4 way across the world. I'll have to rely on Chel to email me some pics. (hint hint) Here's some of the girls with Megs and Al's sweetie pie Kirra. We stopped for a quick overnight visit in GR on the way back home. Thanks for your hospitality Meggers! You fed us really well!

Then, on the drive home, I got some exciting news that I had new nephews!
I even got to stop in at the the hospital (which happens to be RIGHT off the hiway) and see the little guys. How cool is that.

New nephews!

Ann and Matt and boys

Derek's sister Ann had identical twin boy last week Monday! Hudson and Logan.
They are just itsy bitsy; under 5 pounds, but healthy and home and doing well!
I got to feed Logan his bottle on Sunday. It was rather cool. :)